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Judge Faith is a nationally syndicated court show that premiered in September of 2014.  The host, Faith Jenkins, is a former Miss Louisiana beauty queen turned New York City prosecutor. She worked her way up from being a legal analyst on MSNBC to the star of her own show and a Judge in her own court room.

When I got the call to join the production as a Producer on the show, I was a little hesitant because this is obviously a little different from the work that I’ve done in past. Ok, actually this was quite a different change for me, but I always welcome tasks that are out of my wheelhouse because it keeps me sharp and on my toes.  Under the leadership of  former Walt Disney CEO Michael Eisner,  Trifecta CEO Hank Cohen, and Executive Producer Kathy Sapp, I produced several episodes of the first season of Judge Faith. Not only were my episodes used to promote the launch of the show, but they were the debut episodes and go-to material during sweeps.

I met several interesting people through interacting with the litigants and their guests. The thing about living in Los Angeles and working in “the industry” is that sometimes you can forget what the rest of the country is like. Los Angeles feels like it’s own country with it’s own way of life at times, so working with guests from other parts of the country delights my senses. One of the many reasons that I love working in reality TV, news and documentary is the reality check that I receive from interacting with some of the people and exploring their lives, issues and coping mechanisms. The guests on Judge Faith trusted me enough to pause their lives at the last minute, hop on a plane to Los Angeles and share their stories with our audience. At the end of the day, the content was a little different from my norm but the results were the same. Taking real people with real situations and producing content that resonates with a real audience.

Judge Faith was a great experience and yet another new show launch under my belt. Here are a few clips from episodes that I produced. Take a look and let me know your thoughts!


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