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“I’m A Guy”

I co-produced and edited this short form documentary that was published on Buzzfeed in September of 2014. “I’m A Guy” features Lauren Hennessy and his fiancee’ (now wife) Chemda, of the “Keith and The Girl” Podcast. Lauren is a transmale actor based in New York, who was planning a wedding with Chemda while continuing to pursue female roles albeit identifying as a male. Lauren’s story is unique because he is a transman who has chosen not to pass as a man physically.

This video was originally created as a sizzle reel for a series. We were curious to see what the response would be, so we published it on Buzzfeed. Not only did this story receive over a million views in a week, but it also evoked very passionate debates about the difference between gender and sexuality and what it means to be a man. Some of the comments received on the video were shockingly mean and others curious and empathetic. Reading the comments as they rolled in was definitley a highlight of working on this project. I never knew the topic would be so polarizing.

I am grateful for Lauren and Chemda for allowing us to come into their lives and share their story. It has now surpassed three million views and the dialogue continues. Please take a look, read the comments and let me know your thoughts.

My Roles: Co-Producer/Story Editor

“Little Things You Can Do To Combat Racism”

I was invited to contribute¬†this video for Buzzfeed to discuss some of the subtle occurrences of racism that I’ve experienced. The topic of race relations in America exhausts me and I think it’s unfortunate that the color of a person’s skin is such an issue. I will admit that I felt silly naming some of the examples of racism that I had encountered in my life, but when I went back to read the comments on the video I found that many other people had experienced some of the same things. Conversations like these are necessary and I’m glad to have participated in a positive discourse on the subject.

This video also surpassed one-million views in a short time and encouraged healthy debates on and offline. Take a look and tell me what you think!

My Roles: Commentator

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